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Sunny Styles from Pam & Gela

Shop New Pam & Gela Arrivals - dress boutique SFWith clear skies, warmer temps, and lots of sunshine finally making their way onto the forecast, it's time to get your closet prepped and ready for summer.  For a quick update, look no further than Pam & Gela’s latest collection. Loaded with bright colors, fun whimsical prints, and light fabrics, these pieces are perfect additions to instantly pop some fresh life into your new season wardrobe. 

Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the eponymous duo behind Juicy Couture have now moved on to their own line. The pair have managed to create California chic pieces while still maintaining the fun nature that Juicy Couture was once known for. From pieces such as the Ruffle Track Jacket to the Open Back Basic Tee to the Floral Cargo Pants, you can find a variety of great new pieces to add to your closet. 

Summer by Pam & Gela - Shop New Arrivals at dress boutique SF

While florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, Pam & Gela’s take on the classic print makes it feel cool, easy, and unexpectedly sporty. The muted tones on the floral cargo pants means that they'll be versatile enough to add a jolt of freshness to the pieces you already own. The floral print crew neck shirt also strikes a balance between trendy and classic. With gorgeous shades of vibrant color contrasting with the charcoal gray body of the shirt, the shirt can enliven casual and dressier outfits alike.

For those looking to stick with more basic, everyday pieces the Open Back Basic tee and the dress with football stripes will be welcoming additions. The gradient red color of the Open Back Basic Tee creates a vintage, lived-in look whereas the loose fit and jagged hem of the dress with football stripes is a pleasant re-imagination of a football jersey and a t-shirt dress.  

Shop our latest delivery from Pam & Gela at our San Francisco boutique (2271 Chestnut St. at Scott in the Marina) or check for new online here!